Cosplay Dress-code

Photo by David Lackey

We strive to keep this event safe and family oriented. To be able to do so we request that all attendees keep clothing, including cosplays to cover entire private regions. Under no circumstance will pasties, speedos, thongs, etc. be permitted as they don't completely cover or submit to our guidelines. Anyone who breaks this rule will be asked to cover up or change.  If any questions regarding these rules place feel free to message the page. We will respond as soon as possible.

Props Guidelines

Keeping you safe!

While this is a family friendly event, we also strive for safety. For us to be able to do so we request that attendees to leave all real weapons at home. Any props that are used cannot be metal of any kind. Those that use nails and screws must be completely inside the prop for holding it together and not outside the prop as it could be dangerous and considered a weapon. Any props that are "Gun" based must be a toy and have an orange tip. No real guns, paint ball, air soft, BB, etc. at the convention. Bows must not be strung unless with Yarn or a non-lunching material that has been checked by staff. No launching items while attending the convention.  No hitting other attendees with props. All props must be checked in and tagged when entering the convention. If your prop's tag comes off or a staff member doesn't see your tag you will be asked to present it or to obtain another tag at registration.  If a prop doesn't fit the guidelines you will be asked to store the prop within your room or in your locked car.


For everyone!

This is a family friendly event. We ask that all stay within that means by respecting one another. As it goes to pertaining to the convention we ask that you follow the rules as defined: 

1) Cosplay must meet dress code 

2) Check in all props and meet prop guidelines

3) Be respectful of other guests 

4) There will be 18+ panels, we ask that you have your ID if you plan to attend. NO ONE UNDER 18 will be permitted entree to these few panels,no acceptations. 

5) If you have food and drink we ask to help keep the event space clean by picking up after yourself

6) Have fun :) See you soon!


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