Sora Preston was raised in a small town called Booneville, AR. After countless years of watching people come together under the cosplay community banner she wanted to join in as well. So by her senior year (2009) she started her quest. That year she attended her first convention and hasn't looked back. She immediately fell in love with the community in her local area and is so very thankful for all opportunities they have brought her over the years.She has been in the news countless times, on television, and has guested a few of the local conventions she attended. With each passing year Sora Preston challenges herself as much as she can with each new cosplay she makes. From working with Worbla; to different types of fabrics; or just which stitch to use; she has learned so much since her senior year. If you happen to see her wandering about, be prepared for her excitement in just getting to know you. She hopes to spread so much love to  the community and encourage many others to join in. Join Sora Preston, cosplayer extraordinaire known for her Naruto, Sora, Captain, and so much more!

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Howard Wang

Howard has been voice acting professionally for anime and video games since late 2016. His voice can be heard in shows such as Kämpfer as Natsuru Senō, MIX: Meisei Story as Touma Tachibana, Yuri!!! On ICE as Guang-hong Ji, RWBY as Whitley Schnee, Dragon Ball Super as Mojito and Pancéa, Tsugumomo as Kazuya Kagami, Hells as Ryu Kutou, Tada Never Falls in Love as Kentaro Yamashita, This Boy is a Professional Wizard as Kashima Chiharu, Golden Kamuy as Cikapasi, Nanbaka as Hitoshi Sugoroku, Touken Ranbu Hanamaru as Kikkou Sadamune, and many more! For the video based games, Howard has voiced in Battlerite as Raigon and Oldur, SMITE as Fire Lord Ne Zha and Gadget Goblin Cupid, Paladins as Ameri-Khan, Marvel Avengers Academy as Karnak, The Letter as Ashton Frey, Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs as Carran, and then some.

Outside of the booth, but still in the realm of voice over, Howard is an ADR script writer for various titles, such
as Nichijou: My Ordinary Life and Hells. He’s also a core member at Sound Cadence Studios. Howard is also an independent video game developer with a degree in Game Design! But when he’s not making the video based games, he enjoys playing them, and is currently addicted to mobile gacha games and Dragon Ball FighterZ. His other hobbies include cooking, singing, and trying to get his cats to love him.

Most notable for being the voice of Angel Dust in the popular animated pilot HAZBIN HOTEL, Michael has had the privilege of providing his voice to many characters, such as Eli & Ichiban in BLUSH BLUSH, Zag Tinopi in SPAICY, and Nurse Lynn in XOXO DROPLETS, as well as collaborating with creators such as DEATH BATTLE, Gigguk, SmashBits, and more.

When he's not voice acting, Michael remains behind the mic as a streamer on Twitch, as well as a host on Ashley Nichols' HUNICAST, a YouTube-based podcast where creatives come together to interact with fans, play games, perform, and raise money for future projects, charity, and more



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